The site administrator/owner of this site, that is me, was a Corvette Quality Engineer on the 1963 thru 1967 Corvette working in St. Louis and Detroit.

This site will provide a few items that I hope will add to the pleasure of owning and driving a Corvette or any car or truck.   I enjoy writing about my experience with Corvette, tire manufacturing and testing and related topics.

You will find information on this site that is not well known or published elsewhere giving insight into the manufacture of cars in days gone by.  I have been personally involved with the manufacture of many automobile makesWorking at GM, Chrysler and Ford in that order for about 7 years each.  I audited supplier quality systems that manufactured most of the parts and assemblies that went into those cars and cars currently produced.  This gives me insight to the automotive industry at a level not witnessed by many.

I wrote a book “Corvette 1963 – 1967” that was recently published.  It is available through this web site,  Amazon, Barns and Noble and many other outlets.  You may order it here through this website as advertised at the right.

Click  on the “Corvette 1963-1967 (my book)” tab to read the first paragraph of each chapter.

Please send me an e-mail by clicking on the Contact Us” tab if you have specific questions.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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